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Claw Nails

Posted on June 28 2017

The ever lasting mystery of the woman dressed in black. We know the landscape of your wardrobe: It is beautiful, a inky sea of black- stretching as far as the eye can see. Staring into your closet is like gazing into a black hole as it should be.

Accessories? You have O-ring chokers that rest lightly at your throat, beautiful hooded scarves, and bone skull lace hats. Your hair is the perfect shade of ruby red, or midnight black, or maybe that beautiful shade of grey purple silver. Eyeliner, black as your soul. Lips? You know doubt spent at least ten minutes painting your pout the perfect shade of dried blood. But your hand’s. Your hands are perfection, but that it not what I am here to talk about. It is your nails. Those razor sharp daggers. They could rip someone’s eyes out.

Claw nails have been around since the 50’s and 60’s. I mean Elvira; the Mistress of Dark has been flashing them forever. Claw nails are fierce and daring. They are oval shaped nails that are more pointed than rounded at the tip, and they can be very long. Since they are so long they are usually some sort of fake. These nails have been filed and shaped into stabby stiletto tips, lacquered in all sorts of deep, dark shadows. They look menacing, and are very extreme. When it comes to nails, especially long ones because they provide more surface room, literally anything is possible. Any idea that you have in your mind for a design can become a reality. Anything from the perfect mini-corset nail to the classic upside down cross, or you could add the melancholy black rose with a skull signifying impending death for we are all inevitably going to die right?

Adding accessories to those fierce nails is also an art in itself. Our The Rogue & The Wolf Chase Ring would be the darkness you would want to pair for cool claw nails painted in pure midnight black, with tips dipped in blood red that are a classic look for anyone wanting to create a menacingly sexy style. Perfect for almost any look regarding Halloween, rock/metal concerts, or the Gothic appeal that many women look great flaunting. We also have The Rogue Black Widow to match spider web designs or maybe an eclipsed moon. All would complement some claw nails. Anyone with a dark creative streak would come up with some great concepts for those beautiful fingers. Enjoy your shopping!


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